Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our First Pre-Natal Class

This evening we had our first pre-natal class. We both went in not really knowing what to expect but it wasn't too bad. Today we just kind of talked about what will be going on in the next 5 classes. We also looked at what labor actually is, how it looks, and what steps are involved. It was actually really interesting to see how it is broken down and what Steph will be going through each step of the way. We also talked about my role during this time and how to be a supportive coach. We ended the night on the mats learning afew breathing and relaxation exercises and some massage techniques. All in all it was really informative and not as scary as I thought it would be. We are looking forward to next week.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Just the Boys this Weekend

So this weekend it is just me, Kobe, and Tom. Steph left for Vancouver today for an extended four day weekend baby shopping extraveganza, despite my protests (it snowed a tonne last night and I was really worried about the roads). But you know Steph, she was so excited about this trip and was determined to go, although she did promise to turn around or stop for the night if things got too treacherous and she agreed to take my Mom's car which has snow tires (although she complained that it was smaller and she couldn't fit enough stuff in it, probably a good thing). She phoned to check in at lunch time from 100 Mile House and said things were not too bad, the highway was plowed anyway. Then she phoned from Langley to say she made it about 5:00 so that was a load off my mind.

She is going to hit Ikea tonight and then tomorrow she is going to meet a lady who is selling the $600 stroller she wants, three years old for $250. We found it on Craigslist, a great online Bargin Finder type thing that Erik turned us on to. I think on Sunday she is going out with a good friend of hers who just recently had a baby to hit all the best baby stores the Lower Mainland has to offer.

As for me, I'm kind of looking forward to living the bachelor life for afew days (not that I don't love spending time with Steph). I bought a frozen pizza, and some Hungry Man TV dinners, rented a real rock'em sock'em action movie that Steph would never let me rent ("Crank" with Jason Stathom), and I can watch both hockey games on TV tomorrow without feeling bad.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Sorry to the few people who read this blog, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Let's see, where to begin. We had a pretty low key New Year's Eve. We went to a party at my Uncle's but Steph was a little tired so we didn't even make it to midnight. Steph went back to work on Tuesday and I still had the whole rest of the week off, which was perfect because I was able to watch all the World Jr. games including our thriller shootout win against the U.S and our gold medal performance against Russia. I don't really agree with having a shootout to win a game but man is it exciting. We really didn't deserve to win that game against the U.S but the way Carey Price was playing in goal he could have kept the puck out for three overtimes so I think we would have won it eventually on some fluke goal. The team was back on form for their 4-2 win against the Russians. There is nothing like a Canada-Russia gold medal game.

I went back to work this week and it wasn't as hard to get back into the swing of things after two weeks off as I thought. I went into work last Friday and Saturday and was able to get some planning done so that helped. It was good to see the kids again and they were excited to be back. It will be Spring Break before you know it. We have our Spring Break from April 2-13 and I was really hoping that the baby would be born a little early so I could spend some time at home with him and Steph before I go back. The due date is April 13th but today I got a prophetic fortune cookie message that said something huge in my life will happen in three months from this date (April 9th would be perfect, although wouldn't that be abit creepy?)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas in P.G

So all the hustle and bustle that happens every year before Christmas is over for another year. We had a great Christmas here in P.G. We had a wonderful dinner on Christmas Eve with the family at my Mom and Dad's. Then we all curled up and watched "Die Hard", a definite Christmas classic (Steph and my Mom were not too impressed).

We stayed overnight in the guest room so we could wake up early and have Christmas morning there. We got up really early just like when we were kids, although it was pretty tough dragging my brother out of his bed at 5:30. Of course we started with the stockings and then starting passing out presents (for five adults it was ridiculous how many were under the tree). We all did really well. Steph loved the Moroccan lantern set I bought her and I was really happy with my car stereo set that I will be able to connect to my IPOD in the glove compartment and control from the deck panel and my weight bench and weights.

After presents we had the traditional breakfast with our good family friends who come over every year and then in the evening we had more company come over for turkey dinner. It was alittle to crowded and noisy for me, but dinner was great as usual.

The next day I came over again to watch the first game of the World Jrs. on our new 42 inch plasma TV in High Definition. Wow! It was so clear you could actually see the beads of sweat rolling down the players faces. Canada won and I was back over today to watch them win again against the Americans while Steph went out with my Mom to take advantage of the Boxing Week sales.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Day!!!!!!!!!

So today was the last day of school before Christmas break. What a week. The concert yesterday was amazing. I was so nervous for my kids, I layed awake for a long time the night before and apparently I was as white as a sheet as we waited to go on. The play was flawless, the best we had done so far and I was so happy and proud of all the hard work we put in. The kids knew too, and as we walked back to the portable they were walking on air. As soon as we closed the door to the classroom, I said "OK...." and they all let out a huge cheer. The whole process was so much fun and everyone says you always remember your first Christmas concert, and I definitely will (plus Steph was able to come and taped the whole thing).

Today, the kids were literally vibrating. I don't think I've seen anything like it before. They were completly off the wall (but in a good way). We had alot of fun today. We watched "Polar Express" in the morning and had our school's annual "Winter Sing Along" where they hook up a karaoke machine to the LCD projector and sing Christmas carols as the dot bounces along on the screen. To see all the kids singing thier hearts out, rocking back and forth in their seats, having a great time was totally infectious and it really got me into the holiday spirit (I even sang along to every single song). Then it was back to the classroom to open presents. I got quite a haul from all my students and they had a great time watching me open them. As a first year teacher it was really special and I was so touched and happy with my first "I love my Teacher" and "favorite teacher" mugs and key chains.

What a whirlwind week. It will sure be nice to have a nice relaxing two weeks off and we are all really excited about Christmas.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Concert Dress Rehersal

So today was the dress rehersal of our Christmas concert and although it wasn't perfect I must say I was pretty pleased, especially since some of the other teachers thought what we were doing was a little ambitious for Grade 2.

Acouple of weeks ago I found a poem with actions almost like a play called Christmas Counting, in which kids come on stage with props and actions and count from 1-10 in rhyming couplets about different Christmas symbols. We practiced alot in the classroom and in a week everyone had thier lines memorized they knew exactly where they were supposed to be all the time and I was feeling pretty confident about pulling off a great show.

That was until our first practice in the gym on the stage. It was a complete disaster, like we were doing it for the first time. Kids didn't know where they needed to be in line, they were distracted by the curtains, the mic, and all the props from other plays. The kids off stage were so noisy I could'nt even hear the one's performing. Our second practice in the gym was yesterday and although it was alittle better I was getting alittle worried as the dress rehersal in front of the whole school was 1 day away and the concert for parents was 2 away.

We had another practice in the gym this morning and it was flawless, I was so proud of all the hard work we have done and was really excited about them performing for the school. When it was our turn to go on, the stage manager forgot to put the mic stand on center stage (how we had practiced all wee with them going to the mic and speaking into it without picking it up). Instead the MC just handed the mic to the first pair of kids to go on stage. It is amazing how doing one little thing different completely throws everything out of whack. Without the mic stand on center stage they didn't know where they were supposed to stand, it really messed up the kids who had to hold props (they could'nt do both at once), and the mic was dropped twice. I helped the best I could and despite these set backs it was still quite good.

The kids came back to class and were pretty disappointed. I heard quite afew "It didn't go very well did it Mr Lang's" but I reassured them that it wasn't their fault and the mic will be in the proper place tomorrow for the big show even if I have to put it there myself. I'm sure they will be great!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

IT'S A BOY!!!!...Maybe

We had our ultra-sound today. How exciting!! It was so cool to actually see our baby. It made this pregnancy feel so much more real. However, our baby wasn't very cooperative. He was curled up really tight and really far up which made it difficult to see everything. But after Steph got up moved around we did it again and he changed positions so we were able to see his spine, arms, legs, heart, and kidneys. We asked about the sex and she ventured her best guess, but the legs were together and the baby was all curled up so she couldn't be certain. She saw what she described as a little pokey thing and she would put her money on it being a boy but she insisted that we don't go and start painting and buying boy clothes yet. Our family doctor was so sure it was a girl based on the heart rate but the lady today said that was nonsense, an old wives tale. Anyway we are really happy and have gone back to thinking more about boy's names (we think we've got one picked out but it's not set in stone)