Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fort St. James with Grandma and Bill

This last weekend my Grandma and her long time companion Bill came up to Prince George from the Lower Mainland for a short visit. We were able to see them on Monday night for dinner at my Mom's after our camping weekend, and they expressed some interest about going to Fort St. James on Tuesday but were a little nervous about driving out there. Well, since I'm not up to much these days I offered to drive them out and act as thier tour guide, since I have visted the Fort many times.

The drive out there is nice, as soon as we left Prince George the weather got better, blue skies and sunny, and my Grandma kept us supplied with Scotch Mints from her purse. When we got there it was almost noon and the whole place shuts down from 1200-1245 so we poked around the gift shop and went to lunch at Linda's Place (a great deli in the town of Fort St. James). Then we went back to the fort and looked in the museum and watched the same video they have been showing since I had been there as a kid.

Bill and my Grandma really liked the fort and learning about all the history about this HBC outpost, how it operated, and the people who lived in that era. The fort itself is set up like it would have been in the early 1800's and all the staff dresses in clothes and acts like they are from that time period. The Fort is right on beautiful Stuart Lake and we walked along the shore for a little while. The reason there is no pictures of my Grandma is because she is crazy and refuses to have her picture taken for any reason. All in all though, we had a really nice time. They are driving to Lac La Hache today and then it is on to 1oo Mile House on the weekend for the famous Garlic Festival.


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