Monday, August 07, 2006

Mount Robson Camping Trip

This weekend we were invited to go camping at Mt. Robson Provincial Park by Nick and Sophia. It had been along time since we had been camping (the last time was a disaster) so we gladly accepted. The first challenge was packing the car. We thought of taking two when we saw how much stuff we were bringing, but with gas these days we had added incentive to cram every thing into Steph's car. There was not a spare inch anywhere in the car, but we did it.

We got to the campsite about 11 and there were still plenty of prime sites available so we grabbed one, set up our tents, and ate lunch. We had such a great time the rest of the day just sitting around the campsite playing games, chatting etc. I'm sure glad we were with Nick and Sophia, they were so prepared for everything (all kinds of snacks, grahm crackers, and chocolate for smores, and just little things we didn't think of that made our camping trip much more enjoyable.

The next day we decided to go to the base of Mt. Robson and hike up to Kinney lake for lunch. We were of course a little nervous about Nick's knee, but he said he thought it wouldn't be too much trouble. To tell you the truth I was a little more nervous about how I would do. It has been a long time since I had been hiking and I know I am overweight and out of shape (I ran out of breath last week running up the stairs to answer the phone). It was a beautiful sunny, clear day and the scenery was absolutly breathtaking. I did alright, it wasn't that hard, except for afew steep sections. The lake itself was amazing, such a brilliant colour of green, surrounded by tall snow capped peaks. On the way back down we were all struggling abit, sore legs, hot, and tired. At the end we added up our Km. to about 16 roundtrip. I was pretty immpressed. We decided that a great showing like that deserved a treat so we went to the cafe at the base and had some ice cream and looked for Sophia's elusive "I Love MT. Robson" T-shirt.

After that we were pretty much exhausted so we took it pretty easy at the campsite for the rest of the day and enjoyed the sunshine and some stiff Taboo competition. We ended the night with smores, hot chocolate, and ghost stories around the camp fire and went to bed. After breakfast the next morning we packed up the car and headed home. All and all, a fabolous BC day long weekend.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

Hey.. I love all those pictures they are amazing. And I am glad that you had such a great trip. Although I know you are jealous that you did not get to pack like I did :) You will have to send me that picture of the 4 of you.. I would really like a copy :)


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