Sunday, August 20, 2006


So I've been getting a little flack about not posting anything for some time and my response has been that I haven't done anything worth writing about since we got back from Vancouver. I think yesterday was one of the first times I've actually gotten out of the house and done something. Steph and I went downtown to Summerfest, where they have the streets closed off to traffic and their are all kinds of vendors selling crafts and stuff and all kinds of booths with different kinds of food. It actually wasn't all that exciting, they have pretty much the same booths every year, but we had lunch and walked around. The weather was beautiful and it was just nice to get out of the house.

Today Emma and Kobe are driving me nuts because our neighbors have their grandkids over and they have been out playing in the backyard all day, and of course the dogs are going absolutely crazy, tearing up and down the fence, barking their heads off.

We had planned on doing a big house cleaning day today (I know, very exciting), but after about five minutes Steph started feeling a little under the weather so she layed down and I did the whole house by myself, which I probably could have done all week when I was sitting around doing nothing. Oh well, of course I didn't mind and it gave me something to do (what a great husband I am, ha ha).

Hopefully something will start to happen next week on the job front with the school district office opening up. I have kind of been on pins and needles waiting for some news.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

Now Curt, who would be giving you flack on your lack of postings? Whoever this may be is not very nice! This summerfest sounds interesting, I don't recall hearing about it last summer.
As for cleaning the house I am very proud of you :) Just think you could do it every week for Steph, think how much she would appreciate it!!!


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