Friday, August 25, 2006

Survivor Controversey

So last night on one of the entertainment shows I learned that there is controversey surrounding the latest season of Survivor, starting in September. They are using the same formula as last season when they divide the contestants into four teams (last year they had an older men team, a younger men team, an older women team, and a younger women team), except this year, are you ready for this, they are dividing the contestants along racial lines. There will be a white team, a black team, an Asian team, and a Hispanic team. I could not believe my ears, that in this day and age after we have come so far with multiculturalism and race relations this could be done. They interviewed Probst and he said that it was designed as a unique social experiment. What is this going to teach kids? To stick with your own race, segregation, it's unbelievable. I also worry that when competitions get heated, and they do, things could be said about another team/race. Also, it could very well increase the racial stereotypes that are out there like Asian people are smart and African American people are good athletes. Furthermore, people who watch, I'm sure will be cheering for their own race to win. Having said all this, I will probably end up watching starting on Sept. 14 th (I talked to my brother about this last night and even though he hates Survivor and hasn't watched since the first season, he said he definitely will watch this one), but will we cheer for the white team? Only time will tell.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

I heard that too, and I was kind of disgusted with the whole thing. I mean I am not a huge Survivor fan to begin with. I think I only watched part of the first season and then the second season. I get bored with it. Anyway yeah I thought the racial teams was kind of low. And watching previews for it one of the contestants said something about how she has to represent her race... However, despite all the controversey I guarantee tons of people will still watch it, since reality tv seems to be taking over our nation. (but that is a whole other blog entry!)

At 8:48 PM, Blogger CM said...

I think that Mark Burnett is a marketing genius. Survivor was on the downfall and now interest has been renewed. It even made front page of the Vancouver Sun. I am clearing my schedule Thursday nights for another season of SURVIVOR!!


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