Monday, August 14, 2006

Tourist Day in Vancouver

On Saturday it was beautiful, clear, sunny, so we decided to go down to Granville Island for lunch. After finding a parking space we wandered around a little, poking through the many shops and stopping now and again to listen to some of the street performers. We had a great lunch at Bridges and watched the boats come into the harbour.

After lunch we thought we'd go to Stanley Park. It has been forever since I'd been there, and for all of our time living down in Burnaby together we have never walked around Stanley Park as a couple. It is so beautiful there. We walked along the seawall, then through some of the trails in the park, poked around the open air artists circle, stopped to see the totem poles, watched some men play cricket at Brockton Point. We had a lovely time and did alot of walking.

Then we picked up Tammy and Tom and went out for a Korean feast. It was great, Tammy was in charge of the grill and did a stand-up job. It really brought me back to our time in Seoul when we would eat like that all the time. They bring the raw meat to your table as well as a huge array of tasty side dishes and you grill it right at your table.

After dinner we went to the Richmond Night Market, something I've always wanted to do when I lived in the Lower Mainland but never got a chance to. We got there quite late (it runs until midnight) and it was dark, but the market was lit up by all the lights of the stalls. It was really amazing, hundreds of stalls selling everything you can think of. It was jam packed full of people, and this as well as many of the sights, sounds, and smells reminded me of the outdoor markets of Seoul and Beijing. I got to try octopus balls and dragon's beard candy (very exotic), and everyone had a great time. What a jam-packed day, we were exhausted.


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