Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Names Test Teachers

I have been noticing more and more wierd names and wierd spellings of old names in my work with kids over the last couple of years but I had to laugh when my mother-in-law sent me a newspaper article from the Calgary Herald about new names registered in Alberta schools entering Grade 1. Traditional names like the John's, Sarah's, Robert's are giving way to the ridiculous like, how about for a boy Arzoo, Bodacious, Boston, Cash, Chevy, Genesis, Hail, Hewson, Jaxton, Jet, Kreedence, Ky, Lamontt, Lisa, Nevanda, Ocean, Oreo, Santana, Semen (do you think the parents know what this means), Shade, Tell, Tin, Tron, Tyger, and Zyon.

For girls Abiana, Atlantis, Autume-Rain, BB, Bee, Bienrose, Bronte, Dawnella, Echodawn, Elizaveta, Gwynedde, Jassandra, Jetta, Kenora, La, Libirty, Mackina, Montana-Rae, Nautica, Octavia, Shagerri, Skylyn, Teasha, Winter-Star, or Zrylynn.

We were given instructions not to use any of these names. I don't think anyone has to worry about that.


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