Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ryan Star

I really can't believe Ryan Star got kicked off Rockstar Supernova last week. Over the weeks he quickly became my favorite and it doesn't make sense to me that they could say more than anybody, he had improved the most and shown more growth than anybody else, and still give him the boot.

Afew days ago I was looking at the 100 top selling albums on Itunes and Ryan Star's 2005 release was #24. I listened to afew of the song clips and bought it. It is called "Songs from the Eye of an Elephant" and I highly recomend it, I've been listening to nothing else since I bought it. It is mostly just him on the piano, afew acustic guitar, but it is his voice that gets me. That same haunting voice that sent chills down my spine when I watched him on Rockstar. Plus the original song he performed on the show is on the album.

Now that my favorite is gone and Storm Large is still there, I told myself that I won't watch anymore, but I'm sure I will. I like Magni and Toby (Lucas has lost my favor as of late).


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

Well I was also very shocked when they sent him packing. I couldnt' believe it. I thought for sure it would be Storm. They said so themselves that she has shown the least amount of growth. But he was def. growing on me. In the begining of the show he wasn't my fav... but then I dont' remember what week it was, but he blew my mind and ever since he has been one of my favs.. Although Dalina is still right up there on my top list! It should be interesting to see who goes next.. and who will win in the end..

At 8:55 PM, Blogger CM said...

I was big into Delana, but I have been cheering for Lucas as of late. Why don't you like Lucas?


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