Friday, October 27, 2006

First Snowfall

This week we had our first snowfall. It started in the morning and by about 10:00 we had quite alot on the ground. I had the curtains slightly drawn so you couldn't really see how much was out there until one boy, who happened to be sharpening his pencil cried out in glee "Wow look how much snow!" Well you can imagine what happened. Every child in the room ran to an available window to peer out at the carpet of white exclaiming their excitement. It was still about a half an hour to recess but there was little chance of getting any work out of them, they were literally bouncing in their seats waiting for the bell. Oh to be in Grade 2 again and get so excited and full of wonder about something like snow falling on the ground. I was on duty and it was nice to see the smiles and fun all the kids were having, even the intermediate kids who try to act so grown up all the time. I must admit it even brought the kid out in me as some of my students coaxed me into helping them push a gigantic ball of snow along the ground. Winter has come early this year. That snow was gone by the end of the day but it is snowing again today and covering everything in white.


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