Friday, October 06, 2006

NHL Hockey's Back!

I am so happy that NHL hockey is back on the air. I watched two games on Wednesday, two yesterday, and then the game I was most looking forward to, my Canadiens season opener against Buffalo. It was a really exciting game, with the additions of Samsonov and Niinima the Canadiens have really added alot of speed to an already fast line-up and Buffalo with Briere and Affineganov were lightning quick. It was a real back and forth game in which the Habs were winning 4-2 but then gave up two goals in the third to force OT and lost in a heartbreaking shoot-out. Oh well they still get a point. What a game it will be tomorrow against the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada.

Hockey back on TV is probably something I don't need, as it provides a real distraction from all the work and planning I should be doing. I am happy to say I have the fourth week under my belt and am feeling pretty good about everything (right now, but parent-teacher interviews are coming up on the 17th to 19th and I'm nervous about that, I know I already did an open house but that was alot more informal). Other than that not much else going on. It has sure gotten cold here all of a sudden -5 to -8 at night, which means scraping my windshield every morning. It won't be long until we get that first snowfall, and guess what I found out today. Who do you think is responsible for shovelling the snow off the steps and clearing a path to my portable in the mornings before school in the winter? I really could'nt believe that and might have to check with some other people to make sure this isn't someone trying to get out of some work they should be doing (might as well see if the new guy is stupid enough to do it).


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

Hey... well I am glad to see that you are so thrilled about hockey season... Just remember it was one thing to watch the games while working on school projects... but it something else when you are a teacher. haha.
As for shovelling the path. that sucks if it is your job. I would def. look into that. keep me updated :) Hope you had a good thanksgiving... i will call you soon.


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