Sunday, October 22, 2006

Parent-Teacher Interviews

This last week our school had three early dismisal days so that we could schedule parent-teacher interviews. On Monday at lunch, just before my first was scheduled the teachers in the staffroom thought it would be funny if they retold stories of their worst parent-teacher interactions. Even though I had spent the whole weekend preparing, going through each child's file and writing notes about areas I wanted to talk about, I was pretty nervous. Luckily I had only one interview on Monday, a parent who I had met before at the open house who couldn't make it to the scheduled interviews on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It went really well and this gave me some confidence going into the next three days. Thankfully no parent challenged anything that I said, even when I expressed concerns about some children and suggesting I refer them to Learning Assistance. I kind of expected some reluctance or hostility but all parents were supportive of me and thought these recommendations would ultimately benefit their child.

On Friday after those stressfull three days we had a Non Instructional Day, which was nice. There wasn't many Pro-D workshops or seminars scheduled so most of the teachers at our school came and planned, did work in their classroom, or went through some of the professional resources in our library. It was kind of relaxed, we all went out for a nice lunch, and I got alot of work done. I've been meaning to start planning my science unit but I've never had the time. For me social studies was more important to get started right away, so it was nice to have time to work on that. I want to be able to report on both for first term report cards, which is the next big stressor. They are due at the end of November.

Because of the NID and all the planning I got done on Friday I had the first weekend where I was able to relax and not have to come into school and get work done. Yesterday, Steph and I went out for lunch and bought my Halloween costume (more on that in future posts, Steph said she won't let me get away without posting a picture on my blog) and today I went and caught a movie I was looking forward to seeing. I couldn't drag Steph to go see the World War II epic "Flags of Our Fathers" so I went by myself (which I really don't see the big deal in, Steph couldn't believe it, and I seem to remember a friend who said she would never be caught dead going to see a movie by herself). Anyway it was an awesome movie and I'm glad I went. The battle scenes were so realistic and there was lots of great shots from the decks of the massive battleships shelling the island of Iwa Jima and from the cockpits of Navy Corsairs strafing Japanese pill boxes and machine gun nests.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow for a full week, which will seem long after two short weeks in a row, but Remembrance Day is coming soon.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

Well I am glad to see that you survived the parent teacher interviews! But I knew you would.. You are just so easy to talk to, I am sure the parents found you easy to agree with!
As for Halloween pictures, you better put them up! It will be well worth the smile...
And I am very proud of you that you went to the movies on your own. I don't have the courage to do such a thing.. But I am glad to see that you didn't drag Stef to that one hahah.. Miss you :)


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