Sunday, November 12, 2006


The other night we went to see "Borat" with friends. Steph and I have been wanting to see it for awhile but the friends we went with had never even heard of Sasha Baron Cohen, Borat, or the Ali G show so they went in with no idea of what they were in for. Steph told them it might be a bit offensive but I don't think we had any idea about what we were in for. The movie was hilarous. It recounts the trip of the fictional Kazakh journalist as he goes to the US and interviews people in a documentary-like fashion who really believe he is from Kazakhstan. The funniest was when he met with a group of feminists and talked to them about some of his beliefs about women (alittle archaic to say the least) or when he was booked on a news show and disrupts a live weather report. There were times when perhaps he went alittle too far and there was one scene I could have done without but overall if you aren't easily offended I would definitely recomend it.


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