Sunday, November 19, 2006

The New Bond

Last night Steph and I went to see the new Bond movie "Casino Royal". I have always loved the James Bond franchise and was really excited to see it even if I wasn't too sure about the choice of Daniel Craig as the new Bond. At first I just didn't think he had the right look for the part. To me, I think James has to look sauve and sophisticated and this new guy looked too rugged and tough but I thought I should at least give him the benifet of the doubt.

The movie itself was awesome, definitely one of the best. It had all the Bond prerequisites-beautiful Bond girls, exotic locales, great chase scenes, hot cars, and amazing action sequences. And although Steph and I disagree alittle on Daniel Craig as James, I thought he pulled it off. I actually think I like him better than Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton. He had the wit and charm as James should, and where does it say James has to be a skinny little twig-Sean Connery was pretty big and burly in his time.

Anyway, I loved the movie and definitely like the new Bond. I would say that this one of the best action movies I've seen all year and would even go see it again. Maybe if my brother hasn't seen it yet I'll go with him when he comes home Dec. 1.


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