Friday, November 17, 2006

Report Cards

Today is our schools Primary Report Card writing day and I am of course procrastinating by writing on my blog. I went to a workshop on how to use the Report Card Writer program acouple of weeks ago as I had never been exposed to it either in our teacher education or my practicum's, and I must admit it was really user friendly and not at all as scary as I thought it would be. After I came home that night I started entering my students and writing thier PEN #'s and personal information. That took quite awhile and I felt good because talking to other teachers, I was ahead of the game. Next I had to decide which PLO's I was going to use for each subject and create a template.

So this morning I started entering my 1-4's for each PLO by subject. I thought this would be easy and take no time at all, but boy was I wrong. I started at 8:00 and just had lunch at 12:00 and I'm only about half way through. My goal for today is to get the rest of the grade section done. I have until the 30th to get the comments written. Everyone has told me that with cutting and pasting the comments do not take that long. I hope they are right because I want to get my report cards to the office early just in case I have to make some revisions.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Deanne said...

report card writing time hey... there is one reality of teaching I am not ready for... But I am glad you are getting the experience... then you can share it with me and help me when the time comes. haha.


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