Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Concert Dress Rehersal

So today was the dress rehersal of our Christmas concert and although it wasn't perfect I must say I was pretty pleased, especially since some of the other teachers thought what we were doing was a little ambitious for Grade 2.

Acouple of weeks ago I found a poem with actions almost like a play called Christmas Counting, in which kids come on stage with props and actions and count from 1-10 in rhyming couplets about different Christmas symbols. We practiced alot in the classroom and in a week everyone had thier lines memorized they knew exactly where they were supposed to be all the time and I was feeling pretty confident about pulling off a great show.

That was until our first practice in the gym on the stage. It was a complete disaster, like we were doing it for the first time. Kids didn't know where they needed to be in line, they were distracted by the curtains, the mic, and all the props from other plays. The kids off stage were so noisy I could'nt even hear the one's performing. Our second practice in the gym was yesterday and although it was alittle better I was getting alittle worried as the dress rehersal in front of the whole school was 1 day away and the concert for parents was 2 away.

We had another practice in the gym this morning and it was flawless, I was so proud of all the hard work we have done and was really excited about them performing for the school. When it was our turn to go on, the stage manager forgot to put the mic stand on center stage (how we had practiced all wee with them going to the mic and speaking into it without picking it up). Instead the MC just handed the mic to the first pair of kids to go on stage. It is amazing how doing one little thing different completely throws everything out of whack. Without the mic stand on center stage they didn't know where they were supposed to stand, it really messed up the kids who had to hold props (they could'nt do both at once), and the mic was dropped twice. I helped the best I could and despite these set backs it was still quite good.

The kids came back to class and were pretty disappointed. I heard quite afew "It didn't go very well did it Mr Lang's" but I reassured them that it wasn't their fault and the mic will be in the proper place tomorrow for the big show even if I have to put it there myself. I'm sure they will be great!


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Deanne said...

Aww Curt I wish I was there so that I could come watch your class perform and all their hard work! I must say I am also very impressed that you have them doing a little bit of acting with the movements and all! Maybe Mr. Lang has come out of his shell after all! Now don't you wish that you particpated more in our Art class!!! Hope the show goes well :) Although I know your class will be great.


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